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Updated 2022-0711-2009

Goal of this page is to share current Status of the Expansion activities. This should reduce the unknowns, finger-pointing, confusion, and promote constructive focus on finishing.

Out of scope... this page is not an action item list, and it is not the location of the coordination effort. For that information please contact Justin Walker and James Henningson 

Current Activities: 

  • Lease Renewal in progress ... This has been slow, and it is blocking further activity.
    • Initial responses showed we needed a broker in the negotiation.
    • Timeframe
    • Automotive rider
    • Buildout expenses
    • James Henningson is working on this action.
  • Woodshop 
    • Bid for the build out has been received, under review. This has not been approved for work yet
    • Jason Harner working to get 2nd bid.
  • Automotive 
    • New location needs some effort to be organized, it has been used as a dumping ground.
    • Bids under review include necessary fire engineering and review for new location
  • Science
    • 10ft stack bid was approved by the BoD. Waiting for follow-up from Science.
    • Needs City approval.
  • Laser
    • Blocked / Waiting for Woodshop.
  • Blacksmithing
    • Fire Marshall questions need to be answered. Justin is working on that.