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The Laser Committee covers:

  • Training members in the safe, effective use of the Lasers
  • Care and maintenance of the lasers (The Epilog Fusion, Zing and Thunder Novas)
  • Consumables of the lasers (Lenses, Mirrors, Laser Tubes, Supplies, etc)
  • Maintenance of the laser computers in cooperation with Infrastructure
  • The list of acceptable materials for use with the laser cutter. Ask if questionable.
  • Promotion of interest in laser technology.

Welcome to the World of DMS Lasering!
Congratulations on finding our Source page, the official record of the committee and chock full of useful information for members. Makers are always learning, so there will be changes as the Laser Committee becomes more knowledgeable about operation and maintenance.

Frequent changes makes it difficult for you, our members, to stay up to date. Fortunately, technology makes it easy. Simply Watch this page to receive change notices by email. Help govern the area by joining the Laser Committee, there's always room for more people.

Check the calendar for meeting times or find us online. Most meetings are followed up by a brief maintenance day and are a great opportunity to learn more about the lasers.

Happy Lasering!


Chris Vrana (Chair)

Jonathan Smith (Vice Chair)

Upcoming Classes

Dallas Makerspace Calendar - Laser
Events and Classes avaliable at the Dallas Makerspace - Subjects: Laser
Epilog Laser Basics
When Thu Jun 8 7pm — 9pm Central
Where Workshop - Laser - Epilog Fusion
Details Laser Engrave a Tumbler
Host Julie Harris
Cost $0.00
More Info and RSVP »

This class will certify you to use the Epilog Fusion rotary attachment. A tumbler will be provided. If time permits, I'll be happy to help you engrave additional items after class.

If you cannot attend class, please make sure that you cancel so someone else can use your spot.

Laser Basics is online and it is required to take this class. Please take the online course prior to attending at

PRINTMAKING TECHNIQUES - printing fabric patches with laser engraved blocks
When Sat Jun 17 2pm — 5pm Central
Where Workshop - Printmaking
Details making sew on patches with the etching press and laser engraved wood blocks
Host Astrud Aguirre
Cost $0.00
More Info and RSVP »

learn how to:
***Properly set up and use the Etching press in the Printmaking Committee.

***Experiment with different weight canvas and fabrics to make hand printed sew on patches with laser engraved wood blocks .

** Learn to recognize and address inking issues with various weight fabrics.

***Register your plate on a press bed for accurate printing of paper or fabric.

***Clean your plates and work area the environmentally safe way when you are finished printing.

*** Demonstration using sewing machine and serger to finish the edge of the patch.

Students can take home their prints right away, but it is recommended that they stay on the drying rack for 3-4 days until they are dry to the touch. if you want to take them home after class and let them dry at home bring a cookie sheet so prints may lie flat and not stick to each other during transport. 

Each student will also get an additional blank wood plate that you can carve or etch on your own for hand printing at home or at the space.

The $10 materials fee covers supplies (fabric, inks & wood plates) and will enable you to take home a set of your own hand printed images.

The etching press will be available at the open print events for those who want to sign up for press time to print their home plate.

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