A CNC laser cutter is a computer controlled tool for engraving and cutting. It uses a high-powered laser to burn through material, leaving a very crisp cut.

Thunder Nova Lasers

Notes Regarding Head Crashes:

  • Don't put anything in the way of the head so that it crashes. The thin metal slats have been specifically chosen to help avoid head crashes.
  • The Thunder Laser Nova 35 & 63 have servos (steppers with optical encoders). If it senses a lot of skipped steps it just gives up and assumes something has gone terribly wrong. This can crash the head. Resetting the machine clears things and it should go back to normal operation.
  • The "reset" button also helps when the machine loses track of its place. It forces a re-Home and then rights itself. This can happen with the rotary attachment too.

(Note: this link to be deleted when page retired) Wiki page for Thunder Laser - https://dallasmakerspace.org/wiki/Thunder_Laser

Epilog Zing Laser

Epilog Fusion Pro 32

Square Receipt Printer

How to refill (with diagram) and where to find refills: https://talk.dallasmakerspace.org/t/reaolved-laser-receipt-printer-out-of-paper/36458/3

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