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Personal storage is provided via a bin system near the 3D Fab area for storage of items such as personal protective equipment, small tools, 3D printer filament, small components, etc. Unlike project storage, personal storage is permanent with no project timelines and no periodic review requiring your participation.

Process for obtaining a bin

Any active member may utilize personal storage using a provided bin for a one-time fee:

  • Fully complete the form on one of the envelopes in the galley. If using a generic fee envelope, include first name, last name, RFID tag number, phone number, and email address.
  • Insert $20 cash into the envelope
  • Pick out a bin and lid then attach the envelope to the bin
  • Place the bin into an available slot in the rack
  • Once Logistics receives your payment, a permanent official label will be attached to an exterior face of your bin

List of Members with bins

Personal Storage Rules

  • Bins must have an official label (or completed envelope) affixed per the above process
  • Members may have one bin per RFID#, paid separately
  • You must use an IKEA Trofast bin (you may provide your own if you wish - including the shallower variant - however the fee still applies)
  • Bins may be personalized, however the official label must be clearly visible on one of the facing ends
  • You may orient your bin however you choose (official label outward or inward)
  • Bins must be stored fully inserted into the rack so as not interfere with other bins - the lid should fully close and rest flush with the top
  • Items stored in the rack not in a bin will be removed immediately: the racks are not to be used as shelves
  • Slots in the rack are not reserved and are first-come, first-serve
  • Logistics will conduct periodic audits of bins; note that bins may be relocated during this process and will likely be re-oriented so that the label is visible
  • The contents of any bins that do not conform with these rules will be returned to the member and their personal storage privileges will be revoked; if you wish to use personal storage again you will need to complete the process for obtaining a bin again including paying the usage fee

Other notes:

  • We recommend the use of lids: the bins can bear more weight with lids (we determined this experimentally), and lids discourage casual browsing of bin contents
  • Trofast bins are made of a material that does not take to adhesives well; if you wish to personalize your bin with a label, beware that it may fall off the bin
  • In the past we experienced few issues with personal storage; note that the 3D Fab area is under 24/7 video surveillance and the present arrangement allows for better camera visibility
  • We may opt to allow fully custom bins made from materials of your choosing in the future; if we do they must play nicely with others and not exceed the critical dimensions of the existing Trofast bins
  • Should Logistics implement another phase of personal storage to meet demand, the usage fee is expected to increase
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