Logistics Charter

Charter approved by BoD 2019-09-08


The Logistics Group performs operations and maintenance of common areas of the Dallas Makerspace, stocking common-use supplies and tools, operation of storage programs, and manages service contractors.

Operations Officer General Charter

The Operations Officer shall be bound by the The Infrastructure Officer shall be bound by the General Officer Charter.


The Logistics Group is headed by the Operations Officer, who may appoint or dismiss members without cause. The Operations Officer shall record and publicly post the names of all members of the Logistics Group, noting changes in a timely fashion. The Logistics Group shall meet on an as-needed basis and report to the Board when requested by the Board.


The Operations Officer may delegate functions of the Office of the Operations Officer to member(s) of the Logistics Group as they deem necessary.

Responsibilities of the Office of the Operations Officer

  1. Common Areas : Logistics Group operates as the "default committee" for areas not explicitly assigned to other committees as dedicated # work areas or storage
    1. Workshop(s)
    2. Hallways
    3. Lobbies
    4. Restrooms
    5. Galley
    6. Common Room
  2. Common-use supplies/tools
    1. Toiletries
    2. Workshop tools
    3. First aid
    4. Safety
  3. Member Storage
    1. Personal / Project storage programs
    2. Contingent storage outside of existing programs
  4. Service Contractors
    1. Housekeeping
    2. Waste collection
  5. Inventory management


The Logistics Group shall have a monthly allocation specified by the Board of Directors. This shall be charged against the general fund; Logistics Group will retain no balance.

General safety

A map of fire extinguisher and safety equipment locations is in the committee drive

Committees Drive:/logistics/safety

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