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Project Storage Policies - South Workshop


Fill out a Storage Card completely and legibly with good contact information and date of storage. Select a slot, and fill it taking care not to present a hazard. Vacate your slot before 30 days expires.

  • You may only use one slot
  • You may NOT store any flammable or hazardous materials - if it costs DMS money to dispose of your materials it will be passed on to you.
  • Please allow 3 days between each use of project storage - to allow others the opportunity to work on their projects.


Contact logistics prior to leaving any project on the general workshop floor or on tables for greater than 24 hours. Failing to do so will result in the disposal of your materials.

Any projects left to dry/cure MUST have name, date & time left, and contact information.

Any abandoned materials longer than 24 hours or unlabeled will be disposed of unless granted permission.


No extensions will be granted


Projects that have exceeded the 30-day storage limit (or 24 hours for general workshop storage) will be disposed of.


If space allows, projects may be relocated to "Purgatory", which is the window near the workshop entrance.  If any materials are located there, you must contact a director or officer to access it, which may take some time.


Violations of storage rules, habitual exceeding of storage limits, etc. may result in a ban from storage, including project storage, personal storage bins, etc.


E-mail [email protected]

NorthWest Flex and Jewelry/Ceramics Flex

Due to these areas being reservable for classes, no storage is allowed in these areas. Projects abandoned here will be removed.

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