Charter: Dallas Makerspace President’s Office

As approved at the 2019-08-25 Board of Director's Meeting

Section 1: General President Charter

The President is bound by the General Officer Charter

Section 2: President’s Responsibilities and Authority

  1. DMS Bylaws – Know and comply with Dallas Makerspace Bylaws and Standing Rules.
  2. Assist in the day-to-day operations of DMS, coordinate actions of other DMS officers (the Secretary, the Treasurer, and any other appointed Officers), and coordinate DMS activities with committee chairs and committee vice-chairs.
  3. Preside over Member meetings.
  4. Represent DMS at public events and act as an agent of DMS. In that capacity the President:
    1. May act on Dallas Makerspace’s behalf by signing governance/regulatory compliance- related documents and records.
    2. Is authorized to expend up to $500 of Dallas Makerspace’s money, to achieve DMS goals, without Board approval. (The Board of Directors shall review all expenditures after the fact and advise the President on such related future expenditures.)
    3. Recommend expenditures, which exceed $500, to the Board. Expenditures exceeding $500 require approval by the Board prior to commitment.
    4. Sign checks in accordance with the Bylaws and Standing Rules.
  5. Record Review – Is granted access to Dallas Makerspace’s books, records, and premises in order to perform assigned duties.
  6. Strategic Planning – Responsible for leading and coordinating efforts to identify and implement the DMS mission and long term goals. Present recommended goals and actions to the Board for action.
  7. Contracts – Review contracts for services, materials, and other property, and recommend actions to the Board.
  8. Delegation – In order to adequately perform all duties, the President may delegate certain activities to individuals who are then held to the same level of fiduciary duty and confidentiality requirements as the President. However, the President may not delegate the following:
    1. Knowledge of DMS Bylaws and Standing Rules
    2. General responsibility for day-to-day operations
    3. Acting as an agent for DMS and signature authority

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