Officers of the Dallas Makerspace are appointed by the Board of Directors, per our Article 3 of our Bylaws.

For more information on how the Dallas Makerspace is organized, please read the Bylaws and Rules and Policies.

Current Officers

General Officer Charter

  1. Dallas Makerspace’s Board of Directors appoints the Officers and can remove Officers
    1. Appointment is by a majority vote of all Board members
    2. Removal is by a majority vote of all Board members after considering material facts and circumstances
    3. Officers report to and receive direction from the Board
  2. Officers are executives, corporate officers and will be indemnified and defended by Dallas Makerspace (DMS) just as a Board member would be
  3. Officer terms begin upon appointment and terminate in accordance with DMS Bylaws
  4. Officers shall have specific powers and duties enumerated by the Board of Directors

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