The CTO at DMS covers both the technology we use as well as the basic facilities that provide the makerspace itself.  This involves working and overlapping at times with the COO realm, all the committee's and SIG's housed within DMS and the public and PR teams at large.

  1. Work with the leadership team to set clear priorities and goals for IT management and production, balancing the long-term and immediate needs.
  2. Work to expend DMS financial resources in an efficient manner that is focused on achieving and exceeding our organization goals.
  3. Oversee data security, management, and governance.
  4. Manage key vendor relationships.
  5. Document the makerspaces overall technology strategy
  6. Make infrastructure and facilities decisions, ensuring safety and soundness, resiliency and versatility in the procurement, architecting and engineering of solutions, and managing delivery.
  7. Facilitate the development and implementation of disaster recovery and IT security failure plans.
  8. Ensure tight collaboration across teams to drive strategic initiatives, including understanding of the alignment between technology and the needs of DMS.